‘Decisive and deliberate’

One of our external clients is DB Schenker, a global market leader in the field of supply chain management. We provide all of the co-pack activities in-house at two of their locations. According to Marcel Wijnhoven, the work mainly entails a combination of hard work and brainstorming. Five questions, five answers.


How would you describe Vetipak?
“In just a few words? As a reliable and solution-oriented partner who is flexible and in principle always delivers quality. By ‘reliable’, I actually mean two things. On the one hand, they live up to their agreements and they have their affairs in order, and on the other they have a great price-quality ratio. The latter is definitely important in our market.”
And what do you mean by ‘solution-oriented’?
“That they not only do what you ask them to do, but that they proactively brainstorm along with you. By the time you notice a potential problem arising, they’ve already thought of a solution. So it’s a combination of determination and deliberation. In logistics, it’s all about reacting quickly, so we really appreciate that about them.”
But isn’t that something you should expect from any partner?
“Absolutely, but Vetipak stands out from the competition by also daring to invest time and money in new solutions. Not only that: they’re even willing to bear part of the financial risks. Then you’re talking about a real partnership and added value.”
So Vetipak is good at what they do, but is there something that makes them really stand out?
“They can scale up relatively quickly when they need to, and they do it with the help of people who have trouble finding employment. We think that’s important from a Corporate Social Responsibility perspective, but we don’t have the specific knowledge in that field in-house. Vetipak does, so our employees represent a good cross-section of society and we can guarantee a consistent level of quality and continuity.”
Finally: how would you describe the added value that Vetipak provides DB Schenker?
“Thanks in part to our stable and reliable partnership, we can offer our customers the promise of all activities under a single roof. As the market leader in supply chain management, that’s an important added value to us.”