Making the difference together


We provide every aspect

of co-packing: from design, purchasing and management, to logistics and processing the packaging. Production and service at the highest possible level.

Making the difference together


We work for several

leading brands and private

labels in FMCG. But only when we can do so according to the highest Vetipak standards: making a real difference through innovative, scalable, and high-quality solutions.

Making the difference together


Together we create the best solutions. With our clients, but also with our staff, suppliers, and social partners. Because together we can make a real difference.

From purchasing and technical design, to management and financing: we can guide you along every step of the process. That way, you can make the most of our knowledge and experience, and we can help you reduce costs at several points in the supply chain. The earlier we can gather around the table to discuss your options, the more we can help you save.

Partnership with Vetipak
‘Attention for even the smaller clients’

‘Attention for even the smaller clients’

Frank Verkleij, owner of Just Candy
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Proud of our clients.

Our ‘partners in packaging’