Expansion of co-packing activities for Kraft Heinz

In April, we opened our newest co-packing facility at Park 15 in Oosterhout, Gelderland. This Vetipak branch is located within the premises of our partner AG Logistics. Similarly to the AG site in Ede, we provide co-packing activities here on behalf of Kraft Heinz. The Oosterhout facility does this for their markets in the Nordic countries, the Middle East and Africa, as well as other export countries.   


“We stack, recase, bundle or label some of their range,” says supervisor Medina Osmanovic. “We also build displays. Our clear way of working and an effective, respectful cooperation ensure that everything runs smoothly. In this article, I describe everyone’s role within this great 3PL (third party logistics) alliance.” 


Rickard Säterö (Kraft Heinz)

“Rickard is logistics manager for the Nordic countries Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. He ensures that the business runs smoothly thanks to efficient logistics and an effective translation of the market needs into feasible goals. He also manages the 3PL partnership. Rickard started in November 2022 and was immediately involved in the start-up. He was fortunately able to draw upon the expertise and experience of his Benelux colleagues, who had led a similar transition in 2021.”


“Nowadays, Rickard is the point of contact within Kraft Heinz for co-packing operations. He manages the processes and minimizes risks on a daily basis, contributing to a smooth running supply chain. Rickard is also our contact person for the repackaging activities for the Middle East and Africa, and the other export markets.”

“A good relationship is based on trust and mutual understanding, and those qualities are definitely present!” 


Patrick Teeuwissen (AG Logistics)

“Patrick is operations team leader at the AG Logistics facility in Oosterhout. His team consists of 35 logistics staff. Patrick is jointly responsible for all pallet movements, and is the point of contact for the Vetipak team on the production floor. During preparations, he was part of the co-packing project team.”


“Patrick reflects on a start-up that proceeded smoothly thanks to a specific list of actions, and weekly team meetings. Being able to draw upon the experience of the Ede office was also helpful. Now that the operation is up and running, the daily routine kicks off with the Kraft Heinz call-off orders for pallets with bulk and packaging materials. Once the co-packing process is complete, the pallets return to the warehouse for shipment into the markets.”


“There’s always a good atmosphere in the Vetipak team” 


Mateusz Sendera (Vetipak)

“Mateusz is assistant team leader and is responsible for the entire co-packing and production process. He manages and trains the line managers and production staff, and he is the central hub for daily communications between Kraft Heinz, AG and Vetipak. Mateusz has worked for us in the past, and he came back a year ago after hearing about this position. His return was facilitated by on-the-job training in Ede.”
During the weekly meeting with the Kraft Heinz and AG team members, Mateusz checks on capacity, and they allocate the necessary bulk and packaging materials. Following final confirmation, the repackaging activities commence. This includes booking the production staff at the employment agencies, checking the materials and preparing the production lines. The solid collaboration means that everything runs very smoothly!”


“The way of working is clear and lines of communication are short”