Mixed packaging: up to eight types and at high speed

The Vetipak factory in Oss has a new and superfast mixing line that offers endless possibilities. This line has a new elevator and servo-driven counters, enabling us to mix as many as eight product types in at least sixty packs per minute, and eventually even eighty. Head of Technical Services, Niels Kanters explains. 


Ensure optimal operation of machinery and that everything’s up to date. That, in a nutshell, is the Head of Technical Services’ responsibility. The new mixing line is the ultimate example of this. “Our other manufacturing line, with two outlets was under significant pressure”, explains Niels. “Even though we were putting in so many night shifts, we were constantly short of capacity. That’s now a thing of the past.”


Components in the right place

A logistics operation took place before we could build the new mixing line. We needed to get the right components in the right place. “We purchased an elevator earlier this year”, states Niels. “We gave this the Vetipak treatment - with new software, an electrical cabinet and controls, and mechanical wear parts. After that, we received the counters from our Veghel colleagues. Following the overhaul, we’re now able to mix many more different products in a controlled way in Oss.”


“Although that line is already running well,

we’re Vetipak, so we’re always optimising


From 44 to 60 per minute

Products enter the new mixing line process at various counting machines before being separated on vibrating tables and falling into a tray. That tray contains up to eight product types and is elevated before being emptied into the packaging. 


“We now have weighing machines and counters to make the various mixes”, Niels continues. “Previously, we could fill 44 packs per minute for one item. As we are now counting rather than weighing, we can easily fill sixty. And the beauty of the counters are the vibrating tables. We can change them easily and make them product-specific. That offers us so many possibilities for the future!”


Continuous optimization

The Head of Technical Services actually doesn’t think it will stop at sixty packs per minute. If it were up to him, we’d crank up that number to eighty. “Such a process starts with accelerating all the individual machines and how they’re connected. Of course, we keep consulting our production department on this, as the production line people need to be able to cope as well. And although that line is already running well, we’re Vetipak, so we’re always optimising.”


Different mixed packaging

Many manufacturers are not set up for mixed packaging, as this would interrupt the primary process. We did have the set-up for it - and it’s even better now. Niels adds: “There are also more options in terms of packaging. From pouches and pillows to block bottom bags and quattro seal bags: we can run all of these on our line. In theory we can include any kind of packaging. And in practice? Our team will make it happen!”