Solved: three thousand displays filled and delivered

The Vetipak site in Zeewolde is home to our successful long-term partnership with Bakker Logistics, part of the STEF group. It’s also where we work for Dynamic Products Factory, which develops creative products for the retail sector. We recently ensured that a multitude of party items in 3,300 displays reached their destinations with a well-known German retail chain. We joined forces to run the whole process from A to Z for D.P. Factory.


The challenge: a massive logistics operation

When containers full of balloons, streamers, party hats and about twenty other party items for New Year’s Eve. These products were designed by D.P. Factory, procured according to precise specifications, and shipped under strict supervision. Ultimately, D.P. Logistics Department had them delivered to Bakker Logistiek in Zeewolde. It marked the start of a shared challenge for Bakker and Vetipak. 


“The ultimate goal was for the displays to reach distribution centers in Germany at precisely the right time,” explains our supervisor, Anton Snels. “It goes without saying that this was a massive logistics operation. It was up to us to create exactly the right flow in one go.”


The solution: from test display to well-oiled machine

“First of all, we unloaded all the containers, palletized the products and applied an SSC label,” says Rene Bossche, key account manager at Bakker Logistics. “The labels make the volumes visible in the systems, enabling Vetipak to call up the items in good time to create the displays.” Anton adds: “We first called up one of each product in order to create a test display together with D.P. Factory. This was to be used as a validation model for the customer.” 


“With twelve employees on the line, 
the collaboration had to be flawless.”


The validation model was approved by Raechel Bunt, project manager at D.P. Factory, and warehouse manager Johan Atema. “Following validation, we could start up the production process,” continues Anton. “We called up items from Bakker every day. With twelve employees on the line, the collaboration had to be flawless. And it was. Despite the large numbers and the time pressure, we worked together like a well-oiled machine and pulled it off.”

The added value: problem-free from A to Z

In just three and a half weeks, the thousands of displays were filled and stored, ready for delivery. Bakker Logistics then transported them, under the coordination of D.P. Factory, to the distribution centers belonging to the well-known German retailer. “Every single one reached its destination exactly on time,” says Johan Atema, who is in charge of transport and logistics at D.P. Factory. 


“We really took care of every detail for our client,” concludes Anton. “And it was all down to good communication, and our strong, reliable collaboration with Bakker.”