Backfold / X-fold

A backfold or an X-fold is a packaging format that offers extra protection in a high-quality package.

At Vetipak, we have several backfolding lines suitable for a wide range of formats. We can offer this type of packaging with printed or unprinted film.

Ideally suited for protecting or making tamper-resistant of:


  • Z-klick boxes
  • Fliptop boxes
  • Multipacks
  • Promotional packs
  • Personal care-packaging (including cosmetics and perfumes)
  • Deluxe packaging (including chocolate)
  • Coffee packaging
  • Counter-top displays


Backfold 1 Backfold 2 Backfold 3 Backfold 4 Backfold 5 Backfold 6

Backfold / X-fold
  • Also available with tear strip
  • Also available with easy-open closure
  • Product-specific smart coding optional