Shrink sleeve

A shrink sleeve is a packaging format with a wide variety of applications, and is ideal for products that require optimal protection.

We have several shrink sleeve tunnels for a range of applications: from full-body to tamper-resistant sleeves. We usually combine this format with steam technology, because it enables us to guarantee the optimal level of quality. For maximum efficiency, one of our tunnels is situated immediately behind a cup fill line.

Ideally suited for products such as:


  • Food packaging (food safety)
  • Tamper-resistant for baby food (early nutrition)
  • Promotional packaging
  • Packaging with windows


In order to ensure food safety, we do not use glass packaging.


Shrink Sleeve 1 Shrink Sleeve 2

  • Suitable for all formats
  • Also available in tamper-resistant formats
  • Ideal for 360° printing