‘Fascinating to see how the company keeps growing, both in quantity and in quality’

As Mayor of Oss, Wobine Buijs-Glaudemans is pleased with Vetipak. And as the president of the jury of the Business Gala Oss, she has a great appreciation for everything they do at the headquarters in Oss. Five questions, five answers.


How would you describe Vetipak?
“Mainly as a company that dares to do things in their own way. From innovative technologies to new forms of collaboration on site at the client’s premises: they constantly surprise the market with their smart solutions.”
Isn’t that something every company should do?
“Definitely, but at Vetipak it all happens in a very persistent way. They lead the vanguard, see what’s happening in the market, and then offer an adequate solution. It’s fascinating to see how the company keeps growing in that direction, both in quantity and in quality.”
Where do you see that?
“For example, recently one of their locations in Oss started a new branch: Personal Care. They invested quite a bit in high-quality technology, and managed to bring in the brand Rituals as a client. Of course, as Mayor, I’m pleased that it has also resulted in sixty new jobs in our city.”
You’re president of the jury of the Business Gala Oss. Why did the jury name Arno van de Ven as Entrepreneur of the Year?
“It’s really because of everything I’ve already mentioned: he’s a born entrepreneur who sees opportunities and grabs them with both hands. But the great thing is that he’s deliberately shared that success with his people. I think that’s a big part of his personality.”
And finally: is Vetipak a typically ‘Oss’ company?
“It definitely is! First, because it’s a packaging company, and it’s mainly active in the food sector, which are both sectors that have traditionally been associated with Oss. But perhaps more importantly, Vetipak cares about its employees and takes its social responsibilities seriously. They’ve always given people who have trouble finding work elsewhere a chance to succeed. And that’s also part of innovative entrepreneurship.”