“Respect is in our DNA”

Vetipak has a strategic partnership with OTTO Work Force, European market leader in the field of job placement services. Founder and CEO Frank van Gool sees clear parallels between the two companies, especially in the area of ‘respect’. Five questions, five answers.


How would you describe Vetipak?
“Vetipak is a real entrepreneur’s club: they work hard, they do business honestly, and they always look ahead to new opportunities. The way they do that appeals to us: no-nonsense, but with an eye for the human dimension.”
What do you mean by that?
“Our employees are treated the same as their own people. That’s a sign of respect, something that we both have in our DNA. Respect is not only important from a social perspective, but also economically. As labor becomes scarcer, employers who know how to appreciate their employees are appreciated in return.”
What is the main challenge in your partnership?
“That would be making the factor ‘labor’ even more professional. We haven’t worked together for very long, but I have high expectations in that area.”
“Because Vetipak always plans for the long term and isn’t afraid to set the bar high. That’s another thing we have in common: wanting to be the best and not being afraid to say it. But we also have plenty of space to enjoy our work. We pay attention to the things that make life - and work - more pleasant. That’s another thing we feel the same about.”
But surely there are some conflicts from time to time?
“Absolutely! And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact: you can’t shine without friction. If you want to play at the highest level, you have to be able to be critical towards one another. Neither of us try to avoid that, and that’s how we lift each other to a higher level.”