“We have each other’s backs”

Rob van der Wijst was one of the very first Vetipakkers, and the service technician has watched the company grow - and change - quite a bit over the years. But he still looks forward to going to work every day. Five questions, five answers.


What was it like in Vetipak’s early years?
“It was amazing! We really felt like we were pioneers. Everything was possible, and nothing was off-limits. As a technician, I was able to do things my own way, as long as I stayed within the lines. That’s still the case today, in a way. We have more pressure now, but when it comes to technical issues we’re still left to solve problems as we see fit. I think that’s one of the most important foundations for Vetipak’s success.”
What has been the biggest change over the years?
“We’ve grown by leaps and bounds, of course. When we started, we were a close-knit ‘gang’, but that’s not as much the case now. That’s only logical, of course, because today we work in compartments and have multiple locations. But we put a lot of effort into holding on to that sense of ‘family’ and the feeling of closeness. And that’s a good thing, because it’s one of the things that makes working for Vetipak so much fun!”
How has your job developed over time?
“The great thing about working for a growing company is that there are always new opportunities. Plus, management really thinks about what fits you best. For example, when I started having health problems, I was able to transfer to a new position where I had less pressure and more time for myself. So now I’m setting up the technical service for our Personal Care location.”
Is that a typical Vetipak approach?
“I believe it is. Our processes have all become more businesslike, but we’ve held on to our attention to the employee’s needs. I mean, I’ve always been there for the company, day and night, but they’re here for me now. And it’s always been that way: when something serious happened in my private life a few years ago, I got all the support I needed. We really have one another’s backs here.”
So you love your job?
“Absolutely! If that wasn’t the case, I would have found another job a long time ago. But they won’t be getting rid of me anytime soon, ha ha!”




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