A packaging line with (maxi) star status!

Suppose you are a manufacturer of dog snacks. Tasty, fresh, good for the teeth and produced in two attractive variants: mini and maxi chunX. How do you ensure that the star-shaped chunks end up neatly in the packaging? And that they don't (stick) together? For this we have developed a solution at Vetipak.


The pouch bags of both variants are the same: for the mini chunX and the maxi chunks we use bags with the same dimensions and the same filling weight. This presented a challenge for the maxi chunks. The star-shaped chunX are relatively wide. And if they fall straight into the pouch, it will disrupt the further packaging process.


Ingenious invention

Our first mechanic, Jop Pierik, came up with a tool that automatically tilts chunX supplied transversely and allows it to end up in the pouch correctly. A small, simple but ingenious invention! And thanks to the smart bulk feed device of the packaging line (including efficient vibrating belts), we ensure that the chunX does not have a chance to (stick) together before they go into the packaging. At the end of the line is a so-called "bag in box" line. We use this to automatically place the pouch bags in packaging boxes.


First mechanic Jop Pierik in our Petfood-plant


With this fully automated solution for the mini and maxi chunX we produce extremely cost-efficiently and to the full satisfaction of our client. A packaging line with (maxi) star status!



The place of action is our Vetipak Petfood factory, specially equipped for the packaging of dry-open petfood. The dosing systems of the production lines are suitable for controlled weighing and mixing of two bulk variants. In the Petfood factory we make different packaging variants:


  • Tubs provides with a top seal
  • Pouches and sachets in various sizes and, if desired, with a shelf life zip