Another new member of the board: CFO Seth Winterscheidt

At Vetipak, we always look ahead. And not just to the next five or ten years, but the next generation or two. Because we aim to offer our employees, customers and suppliers a safe, innovative and appealing future. That’s also the reason why we’ve recently strengthened our board with Jeroen van Herpen and Seth Winterscheidt. Seth will serve as our Chief Financial Officer (CFO). 


Seth is 44 years, lives in Roermond and is father of two sons. He enjoys running, cycling and boxing, and in contrast to Jeroen he doesn’t have experience working at Vetipak. Before Seth joined us in March, he worked in similar positions at respected organizations like Continu Professionals. “Vetipak and I found each other at the right moment”, says Seth about his appointment. “We both want to get ahead.”


No ambitions for growth, no acceptance

Seth felt a need for more action and taking on more challenges. So he informed his network on LinkedIn that he was available for a new one. “It wasn’t long before I got a call from the Vetipak board”, he remembers. “And they didn’t waste any time. I thought I was still in the ‘getting better acquainted’ phase, but they made me an offer right away.”


But Seth didn’t answer at the same breakneck pace, because he naturally wanted to know more about the details of the company’s plans. Once they were revealed, however, he said ‘yes’ without hesitation. “Their outspoken desire to grow was extremely important in my decision. In fact: if they hadn’t been so ambitious, I would have said ‘no’.”


“When two companies merge, 
the synergy effect is the first priority”


Seth’s strength: upscaling

Seth will play an important role in the company’s future growth, because he’s had years of experience working with upscaling. “First, we have to investigate the opportunities currently available within the company. But we won’t rule out the option of acquisitions”, he explains. “If it comes to that, then I definitely have some value to add. Because I’ve already managed several acquisitions, from beginning to end.” 


Negotiations, legal aspects and the financial consequences of a merger are familiar ground for our new CFO, and he knows what the final destination should look like: “When two companies merge, the synergy effect is the first priority. One-plus-one should equal at least three.”


Seth at Vetipak

“Our ambitions offer career opportunities, 
in addition to an appealing future”

Seth Winterscheidt | Chief Financial Officer


Together with - and for - our people

For the moment, Seth and the leadership team will focus on the internal organization. Together, they’ll optimize the structures and systems, so that every location will be prepared for growth when the time comes. “For example, we’re working on the implementation of an ERP system that offers the option of upscaling”, Seth explains. “Adding new modules or changing language settings will be a piece of cake. And the main thing is: it will run the same system at all of our locations.”


As a CFO, Seth is naturally a man of finances, methods and tactics, but he’s also a people-person. That’s another reason why his arrival is such a good fit. Seth: “Nothing is cast in stone yet, but it’s clear that we’ll need to work on the future together with our people. But we’ll also do it for them, because our ambitions present new career opportunities in addition to an appealing future. In short: the next few years are going to be very interesting for our employees. And I’m definitely enjoying myself already!”