Fachpack 2019: the three trends from Rens

The annual FachPack took place in Nuremberg, Germany, in the last week of September: the international trade fair for packaging, technology, processing and logistics. Of course our packaging technologist Rens van de Rakt was there. He looks back on the basis of three trends.


1. Focus on sustainability

“You couldn't ignore it at the fair: sustainability is the trend of the moment. According to exhibition manager Cornelia Fehlner, nearly half of the 1,591 exhibitors presented the theme "sustainable packaging" in their stands. Not surprising, because all packaging must be recyclable or re-usable in 2025. Based on discussions with suppliers of flexibles and material processing, it became clear once again that we are ready for the future at Vetipak. ”


2. Plastic versus paper

"There is a" battle "going on between plastic and paper. Plastics producers are trying to attract attention with innovations for thinner and therefore lighter packaging. And paper & cardboard suppliers continue to emphasize that we must switch en masse to paper packaging. In my opinion it is especially important to focus on how you design a packaging: design for recycling. Then plastic as well paper and cardboard can be the best option. "

3. Hand guns for stamping

“During the trade fair I got into conversation with an interesting supplier. He offered a possible solution to a challenge that we are facing at some of our plants. At the moment we still use stamps to give hats of outers and displays a best before date and a lot code, but they will no longer be available soon. The supplier suggested switching to hand guns with inkjet prints. Of course I tested that method on site and it worked great! Such a moment shows once again how valuable a visit to a trade fair can be. ”

A good example of the trend 'Focus on sustainability' at FachPack 2019 in Nuremberg:
"Paper where possible, plastic when useful."