New at Vetipak: Inward Processing

Good news! Customers who have products from outside Europe and packed by us, no longer have to pay import duties. Thanks to our new service ‘Inward Processing’ (also known as bonded handling) they save up to thirty percent of the value of the products.


Inward Processing (IP) makes it possible to ‘inward’ process products from outside Europe, which  means that they don’t have to pay import duties on it. The condition for IP is that the products do not end up on the European market as a finished product. Depending on the type of product, our customers quickly save twenty to thirty percent of the value of the products.


Impending Brexit

The impending Brexit was a important reason for developing this service. But of course now we can also use IP for packaging products from other non-Europe countries whose final product is not intended for the European market. For example; think of travel retail goods!


To serve our customers as completely as possible, we work with an IP standard process:


  • We sign out delivered T1-documents;

  • We apply for a permit for Inward Processing;

  • We have T1-documents drawn up for the finished product.


Also want to save money?

Would you like to know more about our new service?

Please contact our internal expert Hans Snel: 0412 – 455 815.