Solved: Golden pouch for Swiss nougat-chocolate

No mountain is too high for Vetipak, even the Matterhorn. With appropriate pride we recently pack the famous nougat-chocolate brand from the Swiss Alps. In a joined development process we advised and guided our customer in their choice for a luxury gift pack. The results are impressive: the first pouches with goldfoil and window recently rolled of our production lines.


The motive: A shelfready packaging concept

Business development manager Joergen Pleijte explains: “Next to co-packing we also offer our customers a fullservice-concept where we completely take care of the packaging development. A team existing from a packaging technologist, a business developer and a quality manager is brought together. Together we take care of a shelf ready packaging concept. Of course in close cooperation with the customer as together we make the difference.”


“In this case we aligned the weight with the size of the pouch, advised the foil specification (of course to reach the expected look-and-feel and the run ability on our machinery) and an outercarton aligned on an advantageous palletization. Furthermore we take care of the planning, keep the right quantity of stock and pre finance the whole.


“Together we take care of a turn-key packaging concept”

Joergen Pleijte, Business development manager


The cooperation: testing and validating

“To make sure we don’t create unexpected surprises during the first production we did a test. We always check the filling grade, application on our machines and the fitment of the case count in the outer carton. During a transport test we even test the behavior of the product on its way to the stores. If everything has been marked OK we always invite the customer for validation the end result. Ready to start mass production and delivery.”


“We ensure maximum efficiency in the supply chain"

Joergen Pleijte, Business development manager


Added value

“The added value of our full service concept is two-fold. First of all we fully take care of the packaging developing process meaning the customer can focus on their product introduction and market penetration. Next to that we take care of a maximum efficiency as we optimally align the various steps in the process. And most important; this impressive pouch with gold-foil and window is now shining on the shelfs of the airport shops. Successful sales is guaranteed!"