Strict protocol to prevent corona-contamination

Now the coronavirus has also reached the Netherlands, it’s time for extra awareness. Therefor all Vetipak factories have taken precautionary measures. In this blog we update you on our protocol.


Update April 22: Unfortunately, no flexible measures for the business community

The coronavirus continues to keep things going. A new press conference took place in The Netherlands last night. During this press conference, it was stated that the measures taken by the government earlier appear to have the desired effect. For that reason, the government has decided to announce the first easing measures. Unfortunately, these easing measures do not (yet) apply to the business community. For us as Vetipak it means as follows:


Strict policy

For now, the strict policy we have implemented in response to the measures continues to prove to be successful. As many employees as possible still work from home and together with the employees present, we are in full health for so far. For still now, no corona cases have been reported in our company. We have therefore chosen to continue and maintain our strict policy.  



Thanks to the huge dedication, commitment and flexibility of our employees, our services remain, despite these extreme circumstances in which we are now, at the level that you are used to from us. This does not detract from the fact that we are currently also dealing with different dynamics, from extra demands to high drops in demand. That is why we want to keep emphasizing; if you have (other) activities or if you hear demand at other colleague companies, please contact one of our commercial employees. At this moment we still have enough capacity to relieve you!


Keep in touch

Despite the fact that no flexible measure have yet been announced for the business community in The Netherlands, we would like to ask you again to remain in contact with us regarding developments and/or expectations. You can count on us and we are happy to help you. Only together we can properly ensure that continuity is guaranteed and that our damage will be limited as much as possible.  


In this way, we would like to thank everyone again for their confidence in Vetipak and of course our employees. If you have any questions regarding above, Mark van der Burgt (CCO) will be happy to answer them for you (telephone number +31 (0)412-455815).

Update March 17th: Strict protocol to prevent corona (COVID-19) contamination

In the Netherlands we are in full action on the coronavirus. The day before yesterday, the government therefore announced stricter measures. We immediately implemented this in our protocol, in addition to the extra precautions that we have already taken at all Vetipak branches.


Despite these extreme circumstances, we can reassure our business partners: our services are still at the level they are used to from us. At the same time, our policy is still fully focused on the health of our employees and the continuity of our production activities.


Current state of affairs

In a letter we informed our customers extensively yesterday about the state of affairs regarding the coronavirus within our Vetipak companies. Below we list the most important announcements from that letter.


  • We have implemented the stricter measures of the Dutch government in our protocol, in addition to the extra precautions that we have already taken.
  • Given our crucial role in the food chain, the government has defined our profession as vital. This allows our employees with children to use the limited childcare. Our staffing and operations are therefore up to standard.

  • All our employees who can work from home have been doing this for a week. Internal and external meetings take place digitally or are passed on to a later moment.

  • Within our factories we work with separate shift switches. We have also fragmented the breaks to keep the groups of employees as small as possible.

  • Because our operation is up to standard, we are currently also experiencing increased production schedules. We can handle it without any problem.

  • To keep our production on the right track, we ask our customers to share their insights with us more frequently. This way we can continue to anticipate changes together and ensure a timely supply of (packaging) materials.




We are confident that we will survive this period of extreme conditions. And where we can, we also help our customers and relations in "their" struggles. This period is one that we mainly have to bridge together.


Do you have questions? Then we are happy to answer them. You can contact Mark van der Burgt (CCO), telephone number +31 (0) 412-455815.


Corona-update March 4th


Good to be aware: none of our employees shows symptoms which are related to the coronavirus. Also none of them has been in a so called high risk area.


Strict policy as standard

The Vetipak-policy has always been trying to prevent contamination as the standard way of working. All visitors have to sign in and declare they are healthy as standard during entrance check-in. Persons that show symptoms of influenza will be denied access to the factory as a standard.


Extra measures

Additionally we have taken extra measures to limit the risk of contamination at or via Vetipak:


  • We are extra aware to following our (strict) hygiene protocol.
  • At all Vetipak entrances we have placed an extra instruction poster explaining hygiene rules.
  • All employees have received clear instructions about what to do when they show symptoms realted to the coronavirus.
  • We follow the guidelines of the RIVM (Dutch Institute of Health and Environment) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (related to foreign travel plans)
  • A daily team-meeting will take place to discuss possible changes around the coronavirus and if needed take the required measures.


In short: we are very aware. After all it concerns our well-being and also continuity of business.


Do you have questions? Please contact Mark van der Burgt (CCO) on +31(0)412-455815