The day of... Bob van Dommelen

In the section ‘The day of ...’ Vetipak employees talk about their working day. This time it is the turn of all-round mechanic Bob van Dommelen. Bob has been working at Vetipak in Veghel for seven years now. In between, he made a trip to another employer, but right now he is back on his old Vetipak nest. Wondering why? Then please continue reading!


6.43 am

Every morning we start with; coffee! Often a quiet start to an often busy day. After coffee we discuss the failures of the day before during our department meeting and we distribute the tasks for the day itself. Then we enter the production hall. The day can begin!


I am mainly involved with projects and technical changeovers. I also look at how I can improve the packaging techniques. With our modern, often self-built machines, that is quite a challenge. We would like to make and program these machines in such a way that a unique packaging line is created. If that succeeds, it gives a huge kick! The great thing about working at Vetipak?; all improvement ideas are taken seriously and we get the freedom to implement them.



00.31 p.m.

Lunch time! We always wait for each other, so that we can have a nice lunch together with the whole team. Therefore, we have a close group of colleagues. We also do a lot with each other outside working hours. That is one of the reasons why I came back to Vetipak.

At the beginning of September I participated in the Garbage Run with two colleagues. On our refurbished scooters we drove from Groningen to Poland, and during the ride we had to do all kinds of challenges. So I even went on holiday with my colleagues!


1.04 pm

After lunch I will continue to install the new production line. In the meantime I look, together with the service engineer, at how we can definitively solve a difficult failure. It is very important to analyze these types of failures so that we can prevent them in the future and we can continue to improve our machinery.



2.42 pm

Time for a technical changeover! We have the option to produce various items on all our production lines. That is what makes our company flexible and my work different, every day. Making a new packaging line ourselves, from start to finish, gives us the opportunity to continue to develop ourselves. For example, we have followed drawing and programming courses to develop production lines ourselves. We are also encouraged to keep informed about the latest techniques by visiting trade fairs or other companies.


At Vetipak, we are therefore at the forefront of the packaging market with our leading techniques. We have 14 robots. Two robots can even label boxes fully automatically.  In addition, we included the first Pick & Place robots in our existing line in 2018, which enabling us to produce even faster and more efficiently.


4.02 p.m.

The working day is coming to an end. Everyone finishes their work and together we take a final cup of coffee. It was another successful day!