The drive of… Marieke van de Poel

Our organisation counts six companies and therefore also six financial ‘households’. Fortunately, Marieke van de Poel and two colleagues always provide an overview. In this section she tells everything about her work and her motivation.


Tell us: who is Marieke van de Poel?

“I am 44 years old and live with my friend and son of seven years old in Zeeland. We bought a house there that needs to be renovated. In addition, I work at the financial department of Vetipak from Monday to Thursday. I have been doing that for six years now.”


What does the package of tasks look like?  

“I take care of the financial administration for all Vetipak companies. In the morning I first open the bank accounts to view the balances. This way I keep a good eye on the peaks and drops. Then it is time for the postal items and emails. And when that is over, I focus on the payments, declarations, purchase and sales invoices, investments, bank transactions……. you name it!”


So, enough to do! And the debtor management?  

“That is also a part of it, indeed. Some people see that as an annoying task, but I have no problem with it at all because we have many great customers. That makes I rarely have annoying conversations.”


“Most of the time we come

to a good solution”


And if you must do it, you are doing it with a lot of flexibility and customer focus.…

“Haha, that is nice to hear! I do think that I am accomplished in it. I usually start with an accommodative question. ‘Gosh, do you miss an invoice?’ Then the reason often follows automatically, and most of the time we come to a good solution. Of course that is the intention. Sometimes we have to stop ship a delivery, but I prefer to postpone that as long as possible.”


Where do you like to put your teeth in at Vetipak?  

“Process improvement. For example; a few years ago we had difficulties with sending invoices to the right companies. It was quite a project to streamline. Now we work with PO numbers so that invoices easily can be traced. I notice that the entire company is becoming more professional anyway. Not only technology is evolving but all departments are progressing.”


When do you leave the office with a smile?

“Actually every day, because I am cheerful and positive. I think it is important that we as colleagues have a good relationship with each other. And that we can be honest with each other. When I first came here to work, sometimes the people were very focused and serious on their tasks. Then colleagues looked surprised when I just came to chat with them during a coffee round. Now that is completely normal.”