Vetipak welcomes Packy

At Vetipak, we feel it’s important to help others where we can. That’s why we recently decided to collaborate with Stichting Hulphond (the Service Dog Foundation) by adopting Packy, a service dog. And according to Sponsoring manager Pieter Blickman, our help is most welcome.


Why are Hulphond and Vetipak a good match?

“We’re always happy to receive support from solid, socially oriented companies such as Vetipak. Right from the start, we felt that the Vetipak staff are intrinsically motivated to help others. For example, Mark van der Burgt came by with his family especially to meet us.”


How important are partnerships with businesses for you as an organization?

“Because we don’t receive any subsidies, we are completely dependent on the businesses and organizations that support us. They enable us to do our work, which is all about helping children, adults and elderly people with physical or mental health care needs.”


What kind of health care needs are involved?

“We train service dogs for four target groups: people in wheelchairs, people with epilepsy, children with mental health care needs, and adults who have experienced trauma. Because each program is customized, it is very expensive. It costs around eight million euros per year to help around a thousand people.”



“A service dog is a reliable source

of support you can count on 24/7” 


What does a service dog mean for the recipient?

“Service dogs often make a very real difference. We all know about the service dogs that help in the home, but our dogs can do much more than that. For example, during a therapeutic intervention a service dog can often still open doors for a young person who is considered to be ‘beyond treatment’. A service dog is also a companion, and a reliable source of support you can count on 24/7.”


What kind of future lies ahead for Packy?

“Packy has been placed with someone with a physical disability who uses a wheelchair. By assisting with everyday tasks, Packy can provide his new owner with a tremendous sense of freedom. Did you know that assistance dogs like Packy can learn up to seventy skills? By the way, Packy is also fortunate because his new owner lives in a care facility surrounded by sand dunes. So, there will be no shortage of exercise in the coming years!”