The drive behind... Cas van der Lee

Two and a half years ago, Cas van der Lee’s internship at Vetipak got off to a disastrous start when the coronavirus outbreak forced him to do most of it from home. Despite this, the former Technical Business Administration student remembers the period fondly. In fact, the 24-year-old from Vinkel now works with us as a management trainee, and has since become something of an ERP expert.  


Nowadays you’re on-site every day. How does that feel? 

“It’s great! Vetipak really is a family company, with short lines of communication and doors always open. If you have a question, all of your colleagues are willing to help. I also love the ‘stop-talking-start-doing’ mindset.”


What is your traineeship about, exactly? 

“Over the course of around two years, I have the opportunity to discover where my interests lie and what qualities I have. The major difference between this and traineeships offered by other companies is that absolutely nothing is fixed in advance. We just sat down and plotted out the first part together. Nice and practical!”


What does that first part look like?

“For the past six months, I’ve been hard at work implementing a new ERP system within our Personal Care plant: Microsoft Business Central. It’s a really challenging task because it affects all processes, so it requires careful planning and organization. We also had to get everyone on board with the project team. The system has been running since the end of March!”



“I’m particularly proud of 
the ERP system launch”


So the proverbial ink is still wet... How do you feel when you look back on it all?  

“I’m particularly proud of the ERP system launch, and of the fact that it now underpins all business processes. It will also help us after further optimization of areas such as monitoring and quality. This will enable us to better facilitate the growth we want to achieve at Vetipak.”


What role did you play?

“It was pretty comprehensive. I analyzed processes and provided training, but also got pretty hands-on with applying scan stickers to product packaging.” 


Can you now cross this task off your list?  

“Yes I can at some point, because I will then let go of the Business Central project to go onto the next phase of my traineeship. But Vetipak certainly won’t. The focus in the near future will be on optimization and continued development, such as with Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps, which are software for automating processes. Once the Personal Care system is solid, then we can implement it in all of our other factories and locations.”


“First putting our heads together 
and then rolling up our sleeves as a team: fantastic”


And what will you be doing?

“We’ll really have to discuss that together again. Technology, sales, production, logistics... as far as I’m concerned, it could still go in any direction. Although my interests are broad, I do really want to go in-depth and really learn everything about a particular professional area. And if I have to take a year to do that instead of six months, that’s fine by me.”


So we’ll get there? 

“Definitely! I know for sure that we will come up with some great next steps. After all, that went really smoothly in September too.”


Aside from what you’ll be doing exactly, what makes your day a really good day?

“I love it when we can accomplish something together. First putting our heads together and then rolling up our sleeves as a team: fantastic. And if we’ve really managed to solve it, then I go home to Vinkel with a big smile on my face!”